[thb_dropcaps]A[/thb_dropcaps]s a pioneering media production company, Sparks is in need of PASSION for our upcoming projects, and TALENT for our upcoming movies and media production. We are looking for highly talented charismatic individuals who are passionate and has what it takes to realize our vision in driving the new media economy and help transform the landscape. We are currently looking for storytellers, models, actors, scriptwriters, media editors, and film directors. Interested parties may email us a copy of their creative resume, portfolio, and other pertinent stuff that you think are necessary for us to evaluate your application.   [thb_divider] We believe in [thb_accordion] [thb_toggle title=”teamwork”]…[/thb_toggle] [thb_toggle title=”dedication”]…[/thb_toggle] [thb_toggle title=”passion”]…[/thb_toggle] [thb_toggle title=”accountability”]…[/thb_toggle] [thb_toggle title=”leadership”]…[/thb_toggle] [/thb_accordion]