With Colorful Keys, we take your privacy very seriously.
We do not collect data behind the scenes to run advertising programs or to sell such data to other parties.
We only collect data from users, when it helps us improve Colorful Keys, and only in anonymous format. We also make all sensitive data collection “opt-in” in our data services.
  • Colorful Keys can collect two types of data:
  • Crash Data, including crash logs, in anonymous format.
  • Language Modeling Data such as common phrases or words that you use when typing with Fleksy.
  • We never collect any Language Modeling Data without your explicit permission.
  • Language Modeling Data collection is disabled by default for all our products, and is not enabled during the installation process.
  • We do not log data entered into password or credit card fields.
  • When a user voluntarily opts in to supply Language Modeling Data to us, we always encrypt it both for transmission and storage, and host it in third party hosting facilities with industry leading security infrastructure.
  • We do NOT link any Language Modeling Data with your name, phone number, email address, or any other personal identifier.
  • Language Modeling Data is only used in anonymous format to help improve Colorful Key’s product and services. It will NEVER be sold, licensed or otherwise provided to third parties.